Daughter of the Siren Queen: Review

5/5 Stars!

This is definitely a fun, entertaining read for people who enjoy a good pirate adventure! There is lots of action, both on sea and land, as well as some more gritty content (i.e. cannibals). The book is pretty romance-heavy too, as is common in most YA books these days, but I enjoyed it and thought Alosa and Riden made a good team. Their banter was witty and charming. I also enjoyed seeing the use of Alosa’s siren powers develop more than in the first book. I think the author painted a fuller picture of this world, exploring different environments. Tricia also got more inventive and elaborate with the plot, coming up with many twisty, tension-filled situations. The writing is really easy to follow and draws the reader in immediately. From the very first chapter, I knew I would fly through the pages. The pacing was spot-on. There was never a dull moment, and I didn’t want to put the book down.

There were a few questions I still had at the end of the book. I was left wondering what exactly happened to Vordan. And I wondered if Riden’s tie to Draxen could just be broken like that, or if their brotherly bond should have had a larger impact on Riden’s future. The brothers’ relationship just seemed to fade away out of existence, which surprised me because it seemed like Draxen was Riden’s main concern in the beginning of the book. The change was perhaps a bit abrupt. I also wondered why Alosa even had a bathtub if she would go full siren every time she got in. But these were all super minor issues that wouldn’t hurt the 5-star rating I gave. Overall, this was an awesome sequel, and I’m sad this series is finished! Can’t wait for the author’s forthcoming publications!

[This review has also been posted on my Goodreads page.]

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