Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss: Kasie West Does It Again!

4.5/5 Stars

Author: Kasie West

Publisher/Imprint: HarperTeen

Edition: Hardcover, 375 Pages

Publication Date: February 05, 2019

A Spine that Shines? Definitely!

Initial Thoughts & Characters

Yes! Kasie West has done it again with Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss. This book follows the story of Lacey Barnes, who is introduced in Kasie’s earlier book Love, Life, and the List. I have to say, I enjoyed Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss more than I did the other book. The characters seem more interesting in Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss – perhaps because the book mostly takes place on a movie set, and the two main characters who fall in love don’t know each other before the book begins. Plus, this book is very clean and appropriate for younger readers.

Here is a brief overview of the main characters:

  • Lacey is our snarky, fun main actress. The movie Dancing Graves is her first big shot at an acting career. She is determined NOT to get involved with a guy who might distract her from her career – until she meets Donovan. She must navigate her relationship with her father in addition to finding out who is trying to sabotage her on set.
  • Donovan is hired by Lacey’s dad to tutor her while she’s on set. He appears quite straight laced at first. He works part time at an Italian restaurant, and he also critiques movies for the school paper. Therefore, he refrains from dating any actresses – until Lacey. He’s really sweet, and I thought he and Lacey make a good couple.
  • Grant is Lacey’s self-centered, but good-natured, co-star in the movie. He worries about his public image after a negative review about him goes viral.
  • Amanda is Lacey’s other co-star, and she has a huge crush on Grant. She enlists Lacey’s help in developing a plan to win Grant’s heart.

Final Thoughts

For some reason, I noticed an unusual number of comma splices throughout the book. Unfortunately, this made the book feel a bit under polished. That is my main reason for withholding 1/2 a star; as a former Creative Writing/English major, I feel it is only fair to take writing quality into account.

One other thing that bothered me was the issue of Lacey’s trailer door. It appeared that the saboteur was able to come and go freely. Did the trailer door not have a lock on it? Or if it did, why didn’t Lacey keep it locked after learning someone was out to harm her?

Overall, I was very pleased with Kasie West’s latest work! It’s lighthearted, funny, and even has a dash of suspense. Content-wise, it is super clean, and it was fun to see some cameo appearances from the characters Abby and Cooper. If you’re looking for a fluffy, romantic read, then read this book! And don’t forget to check out Kasie’s upcoming publication this summer: Maybe This Time.

Spines that Shine

2 thoughts on “Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss: Kasie West Does It Again!”

  1. Lovely review! I haven’t read a lot of Kasie West books, but they all sound so good, exactly like the kind of contemporary book I enjoy. I can’t wait to discover that one. So happy you liked it 🙂

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