The Immortal Game: Perfect for Fans of Non-stop Action, Greek Mythology, and a Dash of Romance

*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. These are my personal, honest opinions. Thank you.*

4.5/5 Stars

Authors: Talia Rothschild & A. C. Harvey

Publisher/Imprint: Swoon Reads

Edition: Hardcover, 344 Pages

Publication Date: May 25, 2021

A Spine that Shines? Most Definitely!


Book Synopsis

An exiled goddess goes on a quest to clear her name and save Mount Olympus in Talia Rothschild & A. C. Harvey’s action-packed young adult debut, The Immortal Game!

Galene, daughter of Poseidon, desperately wants to earn her place among the gods. But when a violent attack leaves Mount Olympus in chaos and ruins, she is accused of the crime. Banished from Olympus, Galene sets out to prove her innocence and discovers a more deadly plot—one that threatens even the oldest of Immortals.

Fortunately, she has allies who willingly join her in exile:

A lifelong friend who commands the wind.
A defiant warrior with deadly skill.
A fire-wielder with a hero’s heart.
A mastermind who plays life like a game.

All-out war is knocking at the gates. Galene and her friends are the only ones who can tip the scales toward justice, but their choices could save Olympus from total annihilation, or be the doom of them all.

Book Review

‘Being a hero is about fighting for something bigger than yourself, despite the obstacles, despite the fear.’

-Talia Rothschild & A. C. Harvey, The Immortal Game

Initial Thoughts

Hello, everyone! It’s hump day! How has your week been so far? Have you been reading anything good? If you’re looking for another book to add to your TBR pile, I’ve got a recommendation for you: The Immortal Game! I finished reading this book this morning, and I can honestly say this hit the spot for me. Thanks again to the publisher for sending me a review copy. I’ve been craving a good, action-packed Greek mythology story, and this one didn’t disappoint! Let’s jump into my initial thoughts:

  • WOW! This book was incredibly fun, almost non-stop action, and packed with Greek mythology references! It was just what I needed!
  • This book does have multiple POVs (more than 2), which is not always my favorite narration style. Each POV chapter is also told in 3rd person, which is not what I’m used to. Sometimes, I had to remind myself which character’s POV I was reading. However, the action, Greek mythology, and dash of romance made up for it in this book.
  • I loved so many aspects of this book! There are Immortality Trials that the children of the Olympians must pass in order to gain their immortality and deity status. What a fascinating idea!
  • There are also plenty of beats/monsters to battle – even in the first chapter!
  • In a game called Beast Maker, magical cards from a Deck of Fate can create real beasts!
  • If you like quest/treasure hunt type of stories, this book is also for you! The characters go on a quest to retrieve a powerful artifact to save Olympus from a rebel attack.
  • The characters encounter sirens as well!
  • You’ll also find misty, haunted fields filled with ghosts at night!
  • There is plenty of underwater action, too, including riding sea horse beasts, navigating an underwater labyrinth, and escaping from a lava chamber!

Characters & Romance

Flatlay image showing a hardcover edition of The Girl the Sea Gave Back next to the hardcover edition of The Immortal Game.
Flatlay image showing a hardcover edition of The Girl the Sea Gave Back next to the hardcover edition of The Immortal Game.

I really admired the loyalty and friendship among some of the characters!

  • Galene is the daughter of Poseidon! How cool is that? Well, unfortunately, it’s not so cool for her; she is blamed for something she didn’t do then is kicked off Mount Olympus into exile. But her abilities to control water are indeed awesome and powerful – and very important for her quest. Thankfully, she has several friends who are willing to follow her into exile.
  • Iyana is the daughter of Zeus and an extremely loyal friend of Galene. She has the ability to do some cool things with the wind! I really enjoyed reading about Iyana’s character arc. In the beginning, she is characterized as a somewhat weaker character, but her powers take an interesting turn later!
  • Braxtus is the son of Apollo and has the ability to control fire! He follows Iyana off Mount Olympus because of his feelings for her, which is super sweet and adorable.
  • Kostas is the god of games and son of Hermes. He accompanies his best friend Braxtus. I appreciated the mental aspect of his powers. He is not particularly adept at physical fighting, but he can see/sense people’s emotions and is quite clever when it comes to games and riddles.
  • Demitri is the son of Ares and, of course, has unbeatable combat skills. He, too, declares his love for Iyana and follows her off the mountain.
  • There are two romances in this book. The first romance is actually a love triangle. I did get a teensy bit annoyed because one of the guys is obviously not good for the girl, and I really wanted the girl to step up and assert herself more. But this is resolved by the end of the book. As for the second romance that appears towards the last half of the book, I felt that it was not developed as thoroughly as the first, but it was still very sweet. I liked the way both romances turned out in the end 🙂

Final Thoughts

There are a few other small things I wanted to note:

  • The main villain mastermind in this book felt a little one-dimensional, but is still sinister enough to serve the character’s purpose.
  • There’s no interaction with humans in this story since all of the characters are considered gods. I kind of wondered what would happen if the characters crossed paths with humans, but it wouldn’t have been necessary for the story. Just a mild curiosity of mine.
  • I also thought I should point out that there is one instance in which a character shouts the phrase, “Are you deaf?” at another character (because that character doesn’t seem to be listening/fully comprehending something). Since I’m not deaf myself, I’m not sure how members of the deaf community would feel about this phrase being used in this manner, but I just wanted to point it out. (I’m sure the authors did not at all intend for it to be offensive, but perhaps just didn’t consider this particular phrase too deeply.)

Overall, I truly enjoyed reading this and definitely recommend to anyone interested in Greek mythology stories with plenty of action! It was incredibly fun to read! For now, this is a standalone fantasy, and I think it stands quite well on its own! Happy reading 🙂

*Content Warnings: Fantasy violence throughout; some kissing.*

Copyright © 2021 by Spines that Shine (Caitlin Shaffer)

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