A flatlay showing a paperback copy of Beast Boy Loves Raven on top of a tea towel, positioned above a large clock at the bottom of the photo.

Beast Boy Loves Raven: An Action-Packed Teen Titans Romance

*I received a free copy of this book from DC Comics for review purposes. These are my honest opinions. Thank you.*

4/5 Stars

Author: Kami Garcia

Illustrator: Gabriel Picolo

Publisher/Imprint: DC Comics

Edition: Paperback, 191 Pages

Publication Date: September 28, 2021

A Spine that Shines? Quite Well!


Book Synopsis

From #1 New York Times bestselling author KAMI GARCIA (Beautiful Creatures) and artist GABRIEL PICOLO, the creative duo behind the New York Times bestselling graphic novel Teen Titans: Raven, comes the romantic meet-up we have all been waiting for!

It seems like years, but it’s only been a few days since Raven Roth recovered her memories, trapped her demon father, Trigon, into her amulet, and had her heart broken for the first time. But she doesn’t have time to think about the past…she has to focus on finding a way to get rid of Trigon for good.

Garfield Logan still can’t believe he has powers that allow him to change into different animals, but the price of knowing that his parents kept this secret hidden from him just feels too high. And what’s more, his difficulty controlling these abilities could have unexpected consequences.

Both are seeking answers from the one person who seems to have them all figured out: Slade Wilson.

When their paths converge in Nashville, Raven and Gar can’t help but feel a connection, despite the secrets they both try to hide. It will take a great amount of trust and courage to overcome the wounds of their pasts. But can they find acceptance for the darkest part of themselves? Or maybe even love?

Book Review

‘I don’t need a guy to swoop in and rescue me. I’m capable of standing up for myself.’

-Kami Garcia, Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven

Initial Thoughts

A flatlay showing a paperback copy of Beast Boy Loves Raven on top of a tea towel, positioned above a large clock at the bottom of the photo.
A flatlay showing a paperback copy of Beast Boy Loves Raven on top of a bookish tea towel, positioned above a large clock at the bottom of the photo.

Hello, everyone! Wow, there were SO many books that released today in the U.S.! Have you picked up any new books today? One of my preorders arrived, but I’m waiting for another one too!

Happy book birthday to Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven! This is the third book in the Teen Titans YA graphic novel series written by Kami Garcia. Thank you to DC Comics for my review copy!

Here’s what I liked most about this book:

  • The characters and all of the humor sprinkled throughout the novel! I found myself laughing aloud at some parts.
  • I really enjoyed learning more about Gar and Raven and watching them grow and become more comfortable with themselves. They learn to accept themselves for who they truly are.
  • There is a lot more action in this book than in the previous two books, and I appreciated that.
  • I LOVE Gar’s pet monkey Kong – he has some serious attitude lol.
  • Strong sister bonds!
  • Cute romance!
  • Superhuman abilities!
  • A big showdown/fight scene at the climax!
  • A sweet ending scene!

Characters & Romance

Here is a brief overview of the characters and romance:

  • Raven is the daughter of Trigon, a demon. She believes she needs Slade Wilson’s help to learn how to defeat Trigon for good.
  • Gar is trying to come to grips with his animal transformation abilities. He doesn’t really know how his powers work and thinks he, too, needs Slade’s help. Gar has a very lighthearted, funny personality.
  • Max is Raven’s foster sister who followed her all the way from New Orleans to make sure she stays safe. I really admired Max’s loyalty to her sister. And I was also glad to see more about Max’s awesome powers included in this novel!
  • The romance between Gar and Raven is super cute! They run into each other in Nashville, where both are waiting to meet up individually with Slade. It is slightly insta-love, but it didn’t bother me too much in this story.
  • There is also a budding side romance between Max a new character who shows up. (I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say who.) But I really loved their banter lol. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of their relationship in the next book.

Final Thoughts

I will say that some of the transitions between scenes could’ve been a little smoother. Also, a few things felt slightly cliche or a bit coincidental, but this wasn’t a huge deal.

H.I.V.E.’s exact intentions are still not 100-percent clear, but I’m guessing there will be more about this in the next book. What exactly do they want from these teens? Something to do with weapons?

Overall, I enjoyed this story and thought the art was pretty good. The coloring is not extremely vibrant, but it seems to fit the story well enough.

I definitely recommend this book for fans of Teen Titans and for anyone who has read the previous two books in the series. I can’t wait to see how everything comes together in the the next book! Happy reading 🙂

*Content Warnings: Fantasy violence, comic book fighting.*

Copyright © 2021 by Spines that Shine (Caitlin Shaffer)

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