Rosemarked: Review

4/5 Stars This book was an entertaining read! The characters were likable, and I thought the idea of the rosemarked and the umbertouched was fascinating. I think the world-building of Ampara and Dara was adequate, just enough to put the reader into the setting. Zivah's skill with herbs and snakes made her an interesting character.… Continue reading Rosemarked: Review


Daughter of the Siren Queen: Review

5/5 Stars! This is definitely a fun, entertaining read for people who enjoy a good pirate adventure! There is lots of action, both on sea and land, as well as some more gritty content (i.e. cannibals). The book is pretty romance-heavy too, as is common in most YA books these days, but I enjoyed it… Continue reading Daughter of the Siren Queen: Review